Arctic provides different tools to help you manage your own site more efficently.

Our services


Want to know how much of your website your users see? Try our heatmaps.
They are made to work with infinity-scroll content and with pages of different heights.
You get your stats viewed on your own site on desktop, mobile and tablet.


Create your own feeds from different blog-types.
Setup your own html and style it as you wish, and automaticaly get stats (Renders, clicks, ctr) displayed on charts.


Setup your own natives with different titles, excerpts and images, and the best combinations will be dislayed on your site.
Set your own html and style it as you wish, and see all stats for renders, views, clicks and ctr.


Want to know the facebook-stats for your articles but dont want to manually fetch them all and count?
Here you can just paste your links and we fetch the stats for you, which you then can download as you wish.

Why Arctic?

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